9th Women´s Forum FOM University of Applied Sciences 

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Photos: Wilhelm Mierendorf


FiV Mentoring program

Final gathering of FiV Mentoring program for young female leaders. Three seminar days and three coaching days are key parts of the program. I am the coach for four of the eight ladies and help them to solve concrete problems from their leadership practice.


China evening at business week Böblingen

Brigitte Ott-Goebel and Jochen Schultz recently presented a China evening at Blaues Haus in Böblingen during the Business week Böblingen. Around 30 guests from Germany and China listened to the presentation about the young generation in China which is so much different from their parents generation. Interesting discussions and insights from China experts and young managers and entrepreneurs who are entering China now.

An evening full of atmosphere in the culture center Blaues Haus. Thank you to the organizer of Business week Böblingen, Volker Siegle!

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8th Women´s Forum Stuttgart (FOM Hochschule)

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China Convention 2016

Brigitte Ott-Göbel presented essentials about the Start-Up scene in China at the China Convention on April 26, 2016 in Hannover. Olaf Lies, Minister of Economy of Niedersachsen, Yonggui Pei, Counsel for Economy and Trade at the Embassy of PR China and Stefan Schostok, Mayor of Hannover as well as Christian Bebek, Deputy Director of Industry and Trade Association Hannover welcomed the more than 100 participants of the Convention which run in parallel to Hannover Trade Fair. The participants got a broad overview on chances and risks of starts ups in China and formation of Chinese enterprises in Germany  including many best-practices.

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SIETAR Conference in Bonn

From February 18 to 20 the yearly conference of SIETAR Germany took place in Bonn at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut. SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) is a forum for intercultural exchange in research, education, economy and politics. The title of the conference was „Culture. Conflict. Cooperation. Intercultural challenges“ and provided besides numerous workshops and lectures the key note speeches of the renowned researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Glasl from Vienna as well as from Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gesine Schwan, President of Humboldt Viadrina Governance Platform, Berlin.


FOM Academics Conference

Once a year all professors and tutors at FOM University of Applied Sciences meet for three days in Essen. Education and training, exchange with colleagues about news in research and teaching are on the agenda as well as an open space event about the mannifold activities of FOM. Photo: With Prof Dr. Ulrike Schwegler, FOM Stuttgart at the Diversity.

Photo: With Prof Dr. Ulrike Schwegler, FOM Stuttgart at the Diversity Foto Booth in February 2015


7th Women´s Forum Stuttgart (FOM Hochschule)

Photos: Wilhelm Mierendorf

article in Compliance-Magazin


Confident performance in critical situations

Brigitte Ott-Göbel spoke together with style consultant Gisela Böhme at Ladies Lounge event „Business Etiquette” to more than 50 female entrepreneurs from small trades and crafts enterprises. Hosted by Kreissparkasse Esslingen at its branch in Kirchheim/Teck, the ladies had manifold questions to style, etiquette and communication and enjoyed a lively evening together.



Speaker at SIETAR

Brigitte Ott-Goebel was a guest speaker at the quarterly SIETAR meeting in Stuttgart and talked about her lecturing assignment at two universities in China. A lively evening with interesting discussions among experts about different learning and teaching styles in various cultures.


6th Women´s Forum Stuttgart

Photos: Wilhelm Mierendorf

newspaper article in "Mittelstands Nachrichten" (German)


POLE POSITION! Women jump into leadership

Final Event of the mentoring program „POLE POSITION! Women jump into leadership“ at the University of Mannheim. With my mentee Julia Wittemann whom I accompanied for one year. Besides the regular mentoring meetings, the program offers soft skills trainings, individual coaching and fireside chats for networking to the graduates and post-docs. Soon after, the new group starts with another 22 tandems. I will again participate as mentor for another young lady.


Between market and Mao

Brigitte Ott-Goebel spoke to 60 interested participants at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Stuttgart about “Between market and Mao: living and learning in China. Impressions from five weeks of teaching in the north of China”.


With colleagues of Incovis AG at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Exclusive presentation at the Porsche Stand: Super Sportscar 918 Spyder. Monocoque, CFK-Chassis, V8 Engine with 887 PS, Hybrid engine, All wheel drive, Consumption 3,3 l Super/100 km, Price 768.026 Euro, automotive highlights at their best!


Farewell Party China

Together with 50 guests Brigitte Ott-Göbel celebrated her Farewell Party China on the 29th of April. 50 friends, colleagues and Network Partners who  wished farewell. Who get told by two friends from many years how Brigitte's enthusiasm for China developed and grew. Who give Brigitte their best wishes for the journey. Who are curious for her adventures and her blog. And who Take a Fortune Cookie with them at the end of the party. An evening Full of emotions and memories.


“Women are different as entrepreneurs” - Women's Forum Stuttgart

5th Anniversary of Women´s Forum Stuttgart: already for the 5th time interested women met at the FOM Stuttgart. “Women are different as entrepreneurs”, was the starting thesis of the day. “Women pursue other objectives if they found an enterprise. Profit is not the main goal, rather self-fulfillment and to contribute something to society”, moderator Brigitte Ott-Goebel quoted a recently published study done by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. Prof Sissi Closs, founder of Comet Computer GmbH and awarded for her engagement in equal opportunities for women, confirmed this position. “Women strive for self-actualization as a person. They don´t found with the idea to build up the next big corporation in Europe”, Closs said. Ariane Willikonsky, Founder of FON Institute and well-known for her courses in High German, also told about her own experience, how important personal engagement is in building up and running a company. “It doesn´work to establish a company with the goal to earn money. This is the worst motivation possible.” To dare the exceptional, so think out of the box and courage to take a risk – three characteristics in the foundation of an enterprise that women have shown repeatedly and three attitudes that ultimately lead to business success.

Top Women - path to the top

An evening full of atmosphere: during the day at the congress "Top Women - path to the top" on March 1st 2013 in Stuttgart, various speakers and panels discussed once more the reasons for the continuously low number of women in management. Then the Austrian climber Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner showed in the evening session how hard the path to the top really can be. In an audio- and
video-show she told the story of her conquest of K2, where she finally succeeded after many vain endeavours. Her success factors: precise planning, professional support from the base camp, the ultimate will to achieve her goal combined with a positive guts feeling.

Ute Jülly, Gabriele Reich-Gutjahr, Brigitte Ott-Göbel, all EWMD Deutschland

Leadership Perspectives - what is successful leadership?

Invited by the Marketing Club of Stuttgart region Brigitte Ott-Göbel discussed with guests Gabi Bauer, Marketing Manager IBM Germany GmbH and Markus Mergenthaler, Managing Director of Mergenthaler GmbH on September 03rd 2012 about "Leadership Perspectives - what is successful leadership?" The relaxed atmosphere of "DAS BÜRO" set the frame for interesting insights into the joy and challenges of today´s leaders and for animated discussions about the world of multi-national companies as well as SMEs.


Female and male leaders of Allianz AG Stuttgart at a panel discussion „Women at Allianz“ moderated by Brigitte Ott-Göbel

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Brigitte Ott-Goebel invited as an expert to the panel discussion "Equal Pay" on 8th March, International Women´s Day.


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150 enthousiastic participants at the 4th Women´s Forum of FOM, February 25, under the headline of Female Leadership

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Management styles in comparison: the way multi-national companies and medium-sized enterprises lead

Stuttgarter Gespräche

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Panel discussion „Stuttgarter Gespräche“ on the topic of leadership in SME´s compared to large multinationals, facilitated by Brigitte Ott-Goebel


On the evening of November 15th, Brigitte Ott-Goebel read from her recently published book „Mein erstes Mal. Was Coaching alles verändern kann“, invited by the Women´s Network of Daimler AG in Moehringen. The lively discussion evolved around the topic of Coaching but also about how to follow a career in a male-dominated company without losing your personality. Brigitte Ott-Goebel could answer many questions on her individual experiences along her way and is looking forward to meet again with the Daimler ladies.


Womens´ networks in companies - what have they achieved so far and what are they aiming at?

On 28th of September, Brigitte Ott-Göbel moderated the panel discussion „Womens´ networks in companies - what have they achieved so far and what are they aiming at?“ A panel of high-level female managers of large companies discussed objectives, successes and challenges of their company womens´ networks. Read the complete article (German).


First book published!

On August 3rd, Brigitte Ott-Goebel celebrated together with clients, network partners and friends, the publication of her first book „My first time. What Coaching can change“. Editor Oliver Bartels, systemic consultant and coach from Frankfurt, told the audience the story of book and title. 16 co-authors describe their first coaching session from the angle of coach or coachee. Brigitte Ott-Goebel read from her story called „To leave or to stay“ and the guests had a lot of fun exchanging their experience with change in their lifes.

More about the book: www.mein-erstes-coaching.de



Intercultural communication and negotiation skills for managers from India

21 young managers from India were trained by Brigitte Ott-Göbel for two days in Intercultural communication and negotiation skills with German Business Partners. The interactive sessions included group works, case studies, best-practice exchange and lively discussions among the group.

Photographs by Tom Maurer


Becoming an entrepreneur - With research into the future

Brigitte Ott-Göbel will moderate a panel at TTI Technology Transfer Initiative Stuttgart at Stuttgart University with the title „Becoming an entrepreneur - With research into the future“.

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Workshop „Professional presentation and moderation skills“ at Sino-German Trade Association

Brigitte Ott-Göbel conducts a workshop in the monthly program of the German Centre, Sino-German Trade Association. view (.pdf)

AHK Seminar Beijing14 enthusiastic participants at the AHK seminar


FOM Frauenforum

Brigitte Ott-Göbel was the moderator at the annual women´s forum of University for Economics and Management, Stuttgart

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Read article: 'Familie und Kind: Für viele Frauen keine Karrierebremse' (German only)



Published in: Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 08.03.2011

Interview with BOG on the occasion of the 100th International Womens´Day about „Womens´ careers and family“.

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Participation at the final ceremony of „Mentho“ program at University Hohenheim

Brigitte Ott-Göbel delivers a speech at the final ceremony of the mentoring program „Mentho“ at the University Hohenheim. The topic is „Women in Politics“. view (.pdf)


Unveiling of the sculpture at Ott-Goebel Consulting

Clients, partners and friends of Brigitte Ott-Göbel met on January 25th in Schönbergstraße 30 in Kemnat, to celebrate the unveiling of the glass sculpture. Together, the artist Karsten Wittke from Baruth/Mark Brandenburg and Brigitte Ott-Göbel unveiled the colourful sculpture, henceforth decorating the foyer of the office building. Just about noon, the sun let fall the coloured shadow on the white wall behind. To put the finishing touch to the event, Ursula Ott, Brigitte Ott-Göbels sister, read from her recently published book "Total besteuert - wie ich einmal ganz alleine den Staatshaushalt retten sollte" (Totally taxed/mad - how I should once rescue alone the national budget).

Skulptur Skulptur Skulptur Skulptur Skulptur


Campus-Cup for Women

Workshop SAPWorkshop SAPModerator at a workshop on the subject "Self-marketing for Women" at the Campus-Cup for Women, SAP AG Walldorf, December 2010


Great enthusiasm and much impetus at the Campus-Cup for Women at SAP AG in Walldorf on 7 & 8 December 2010 read the article (.pdf)


Hochschulstudium für den Karriere-Kick / Degree for the Career Kick

Published in: TOP Magazine, Issue 1, Spring 2010
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Männer kommunizieren anders - Frauen auch / Men communicate differently, women too

Published in: FOM Hochschule, 2nd Stuttgart Women's Forum, 27 February 2010
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Daimler Benz und Geschäftstätigkeiten in China / Daimler-Benz and business activities in China

Published in: Newsletter Number 17, Faculty of Economics, Augsburg University, winter semester 2009/2010
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